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About Us

Together, we make a difference.

Didion is a family-owned agricultural processing company located in Wisconsin’s heartland and serving customers all over the world. Didion operates two primary business units, Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience.

Didion Milling processes over 86,000 bushels of corn each day from a vast network of local producers. Operating North America’s newest and most advanced dry corn mill, opened in 2019, we separate the richest parts of each kernel and produce ingredients for some of the nation’s most respected food brands found on grocery store and home pantry shelves all over America.

Didion Milling also produces over 350 million corn- and soy-based meals each year for the USAID program through the USDA. These meals help to fight hunger in four dozen developing nations.

The co-located Didion Bioscience facility produces 190- and 200-proof USP-grade alcohol suitable for home cleaning, sanitizing products, cosmetics and more. In addition to industrial alcohol, Didion Bioscience produces over 50 million gallons of clean-burning ethanol annually, in keeping with our mission of contributing to a more sustainable energy future less dependent on foreign oil.

Learn more about us at www.DidionInc.com. Producers and industry professionals are invited to visit our Daily Grain Insights to keep up on market conditions, futures and weather impacts in the grain markets.

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