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New products

Chamber Building Fund

We kindly encourage our members to consider contributing an additional donation to support our ongoing building remodeling campaign. Your generous support will not only aid in the current renovations but also help establish a long-term maintenance fund, ensuring our facility continues to meet the evolving needs of our community. For substantial contributions, please consider making your donation via check to the Sun Prairie Chamber Foundation.

Gift Certificate

Certificates are purchased by businesses, community organizations and residents as awards for performance, significant contributions and/or gifts for special occasions. Chamber Gift Certificates can be purchased here or at the Chamber of Commerce at 109 E. Main Street, Sun Prairie during regular business hours. Certificate guidelines include: • May be purchased for any denomination over $5.00. • Payment for gift certificates can be cash, checks, or credit card. • A list of participating members is provided with each Certificate sold. • When a Gift Certificate is redeemed, it is treated as cash, with cash given as change, if needed.