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Sassy Cow Creamery LLC

Sassy Cow Creamery LLC

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About Us

At Sassy Cow Creamery, we believe that one of Wisconsin agriculture’s greatest assets is its diversity. Sassy Cow is the result of two farms that are owned and operated by the brothers James and Robert Baerwolf and their families. James and Robert are the third generation to farm the land located in Columbia County, WI that their grandfather purchased in 1946. In 2008, we took the next step and founded our creamery. Every Sassy Cow Creamery product is made on our farmstead creamery, located in the middle of our two farms. At the creamery, we only use milk from our cows and strive to produce tasty, local products. We make over fifty flavors of ice cream available for purchase in quarts, half gallon, and three gallon tubs.


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