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Explore Children's Museum of Sun Prairie, Inc.

Explore Children's Museum of Sun Prairie, Inc.


About Us

Explore Children’s Museum is an emerging children’s museum in Sun Prairie. While Explore Children’s Museum does not yet have a physical museum building, it is an established non-profit organization with a dedicated Board of Directors working to raise awareness of the project, plan a museum building with exhibits and fund raise to support the project.

Explore Children’s Museum will create opportunities for children and adults to take an active role in the learning process through collaboration, meaningful content and play. Our mission is to provide hands on, interactive, play based and developmentally appropriate activities; create a community space that inspires creativity, exploration, engagement, communication, critical thinking skills and fun; and create a space where individuals develop an understanding of diverse environments to promote lifelong learning. Our values are to nurture the whole child to establish pathways for physical and mental health; use play to encourage creativ