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Allure Skin Health Medical Spa

Allure Skin Health Medical Spa


About Us

Allure provides a full range of non-invasive procedures to enhance and revitalize. We use the latest cutting~edge techniques, treatments, and options to produce optimum results. We are dedicated to the highest level of care for you.

Allure Skin Health focuses on medical procedures. Our staff is trained in a variety of procedures including, injectables to help restore facial volume, neurotoxins to help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, chemical peels, hydrafacials,body conturing,lasers and customizing skincare routines.


Kimberly Monroe Aesthetic Nurse
Lexi Harrison Aesthetic Nurse
Melissa Bocklage Certified Medical Aesthetician
Dr. Bradley Lemke, FACS, Medical Director and Plastic Surgeon
Chelsea Bridge Practice Manager
Jamie Titus Clinic Coordinator
Owner Kimberly Monroe
Ellen Harrison Clinic Coordinator
 Mari Adler Aesthetic Nurse
Jodi Zander Clinic Manager
Vicky Weier Clinic Liaison
Ashley Jacobson Clinic Coordinator
Melissa Kolka  Clinic Coordinator
Gina Kaufman Clinic Coordinator
Dr Shawn O'Brien Medical Supervisor
Brandi Jurek  Aesthetic Nurse
Gina Sorensen Certified Medical Aesthetician
Mallory Conradt Clinic Coordinator
Jeanette Mir Clinic Coordinator
Kimberly Monroe Aesthetic Nurse