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News Release: 10/13/2020

An outdoor Halloween-themed obstacle course for youth & adults AND their dog-- ages 7yrs and Up!

All entries received by October 20th, 2020 will receive a free t-shirt!

A winner at the top of every hour (1st through 4th place)!

Participants and their dog will have 15 minutes to practice and then record best of 2 runs in a fenced in play yard while up to 3 youth & dog teams warm up by either walking through an un-haunted trail or at 4 other activity stations.

Ages 7yrs-11yrs 8am-12pm ($15, best of 2 runs)
Ages 12yrs-17yrs 1pm-3pm ($15, best of 2 runs)

Glow-In-The-Dark Obstacle Course 6pm-9pm!
-Ages 7yrs & Up welcome!
-$20 for 2 runs

Challenge Course & Glow Course Bundle $25

*Please ensure your dog is a willing participant in this fun, not scary, exercise!

*No experience necessary!

*In accordance with local and national public health guidelines to provide a safe, healthy activity for everyone!

Socially connected, at a distance event by appointment only??

To sign up and receive a schedule please email: