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Mayor, chamber officials welcome The Grounds Guys at Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting event

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Mayor, chamber officials welcome The Grounds Guys at Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting event

Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser joined Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and staffers to officially cut the ribbon for The Grounds Guys of Madison East on Thursday, June 6, 2024 on Linnerud Drive.

Esser praised the new business, which provides a full spectrum of professionally delivered lawn and landscaping services, for adding to the variety of new businesses offered in the community of Sun Prairie.

“This is what makes Sun Prairie a special place,” Esser said. “We are meeting the needs in the community and all the time we are having new businesses come in to the community that provide needs for people that we might not even be aware of.”

The Grounds Guys of Madison East owners David and Allie Hielke welcomed the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Christina Williams, as well as Chamber Ambassadors, Chamber staffers and District 1 Alder Steve Stocker for the ribbon cutting.

Williams recalled that David and Allie visited with chamber members earlier this year.

“They came down about January -- when we really weren't thinking about grass and landscaping and all those fun things -- and it was great meeting them,” Williams said. “They came and tried us out at Coffee Chat and were really, really excited.”

Williams pointed to the growth of Sun Prairie as one of the reasons why The Grounds Guys should find welcoming customers.

“There are more needs and certainly enough needs for all of our different landscaping businesses in the community,” Williams said. “We appreciate the opportunity for our community to have options because everyone’s going to be in a different need and connect with different people in different ways. We are excited to have you here.”

Recalling why they chose to partner with The Grounds Guys’ parent company, Neighborly, was easy for Allie Hielke. “In meeting with Neighborly and The Grounds Guys, what stood out to us was really the values that The Grounds Guys has -- not only for their owners, but also just their team and how they care for their customer and just giving opportunities to our teammates that we'll hire in the future,” she added.

Those values should also appeal to Sun Prairie and East Madison residents in search of lawn and landscaping help, she added.

“Why we chose Sun Prairie, as we were mentioning, it is growing. We feel like people in the community really could use our services because we are professionals, we do show up in our apparel, vehicle, and our equipment is nice and clean and taken care of,” Allie Hielke said. “And we show up when we say we're going to show up. All of those things I think people are craving.”

The Grounds Guys is one of Lawn & Landscape’s Top 100 lawn care service companies because of their level of service.

“That was attractive to us. We always have had high expectations for everything that we do,” Allie Hielke said. “We want to give that back to the people that we're working with. The services that we provide are traditional -- mow, trim, blow -- and we have snow removal as well. We do holiday lighting, we’re in hedge trimming, flower bed installations -- so really, it's all encompassing. Thank you all for coming today. This is wonderful. Thanks for showing your support and just being here. ”

Learn more about The Grounds Guys online at or by calling 608-302-6343.