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Going Green: Why You Need to Consider Ecopreneurship for Your Business

We all know that going green needs to become a way of life, and our consumer habits, lifestyles, and everything in between must change if we want to save our planet. But did you know that going green isn’t just good for the environment - it’s good for your business too? From bottom-line savings to excellent market advantage, this article provides ecopreneurship inspirations, including building and marketing your green business. Let’s dive right into it!

Why Consider Ecopreneurship?

According to Green Business Bureau, ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs who are focused on creating and selling products and services that are environmentally friendly. This new business model uses sustainable and innovative solutions that work for the environment while keeping in mind business bottom lines. Let’s take a look at why becoming a green business comes with numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced brand image: Did you know that consumers are more likely to buy your products or services if they know you are considering environmental impact? This gives you an unbeatable market advantage and an improved brand image.

  • Reduced costs: Conserving resources and generating greater operational efficiencies by implementing green strategies will reduce costs.

  • Healthier work environment: Workers prioritize a healthy work environment more than ever, and by using eco-friendly products and processes, you are more likely to increase retention rates.

  • Earn eco-friendly incentives: Special rebates and incentives like federal tax credits and government grants will come with going green.

Getting Started on Your Green Business

Suppose you’re convinced about the many benefits of ecopreneurship. In that case, you may be thinking about the exact steps you’ll need to cover. That’s why we’ve put together a “greenprint” you can follow easily:

  1. Define your vision and mission so you’re clear on your business niche, strategies you’ll use, and non-compromisable principles (creating a business plan will be beneficial here).

  2. Utilize available opportunities by looking at things through a green lens, including government funding, rebates, and more (don’t forget to include your sustainability initiatives when you pitch to investors).

  3. Create a business structure that’s right for your business. Forming a Wisconsin S corp is usually beneficial for an eco-business as it offers limited liability, pass-through taxation, and easy ownership transfer. Using a formation service will help avoid hefty lawyer fees. 

  4. Implement your plan, set up operations and internal processes, and communicate new policies and practices - remember to validate the profitability and viability of your business during this step. 

  5. Get B Corp certified so your green status is official!

Marketing Your New Business

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s all about implementing strategies that utilize your green practices and ramp up revenue. In addition to standard advertising practices, you will want to use methods that attract eco-conscious customers and gain their support. You can do this by focusing on critical environmental issues in your industry and highlighting what you are doing to combat these issues. You could even create a page on your website dedicated to this mission. 

Ensure your website is responsive, beautiful, and perfectly communicates your brand ethos when doing so. If you’re working with a web designer to get started, make sure you’re communicating effectively in the back and forth. Using a PDF editor to do this will be handy, as you’ll be able to edit your PDF by adding text, sticky notes, highlights, drawings, and more. This will help you specify changes and edits without sending long and complicated emails. You could also send monthly newsletters from your site on internal and external sustainability practices you’re implementing. 

It’s time to take advantage of the fantastic potential that sustainability practices present for your business. So what are you waiting for? Go green in business today!

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