City of Sun Prairie Makes Strides in Forestry

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 3, 2022
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City of Sun Prairie Makes Strides in Forestry

The City of Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department (SPPRFD) is proud to announce the strides it has been making in the field of forestry through the completion of a citywide tree inventory and participation in the Wisconsin Community Tree Management Institute (CTMI).

Tree Inventory Collection

In 2021, SPPRFD was awarded an Urban Forestry Grant for $25,000 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Throughout summer, SPPRF staff conducted a citywide tree inventory to create an updated and accurate inventory of all city-managed trees using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping. The information gathered from that inventory will assist staff in monitoring and managing tree species diversity, tree diseases and pathogens, climate change resiliency, forest enhancements, restoration, and reforestation activities throughout the city. SPPRFD staff are excited to announce the completion of this citywide inventory of its publically managed trees.

Results of this inventory show that the City currently manages over 10,000 street and park trees and that this number will continue to grow every year as more are planted. This inventory contains real-time, spatially explicit information that will allow staff to effectively manage its urban forest, which is a valuable environmental and economic asset to the City and the community it serves. SPPRFD staff will be honing their skills in forestry while developing new ones at (CTMI).

Community Tree Management Institute

SPPRFD staff have been selected to participate in CTMI, an innovative program that offers municipal employees the opportunity to develop high-level leadership and management skills in urban forestry.

Participants from 27 Wisconsin communities will undergo six days of intensive CTMI training at the institute and be challenged on topics such as principles of community forestry program leadership, contemporary forestry issues, community awareness and support, and more. Attendees will acquire practical knowledge and skills while learning to apply resourceful solutions as they manage municipal trees and green space for the benefit of everyone. Additionally, participants will have many opportunities to build relationships and develop a network of support from peers in other communities.

CTMI is sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with assistance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the City of Stevens Point. More information on the program can be found at

“I am immensely grateful for the shared passion we have in our department to continuously learn and improve for our community,” said Kristin Grissom, Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Director. To learn more about the SPRRF Department, please visit